Image spotlight

Frozen fen with frosted purple-moor-grass

Loch Shieldaig in stormy weather with the Torridon mountains in the back

Frozen fen in the morning

Selfoss waterfall at sunrise

Dwarf birch on a tundra landscape during Autumn

Flowering heather and Purple Moor Grass at dawn

Sunken World War II bunker at high tide

River Getzbach during autumn

Common Blue hiding between bulrush


Welcome to the image library of landscape and nature photographer Bart Heirweg. Here you can find an extensive collection of unique images of landscapes, fauna & flora, environment and many other subjects.

Unlike my portfolio website this image library shows a broad selection of images for commercial and editorial purposes. By using the advanced search you can search for images that match very specific criteria. Most images will also show variations in composition or orientation. A price offer of the images added to your lightbox can be requested.